Friday, November 21, 2008

All alone, late at night...

Well, before my run in with Bessie, I was going to tell y'all about the weirdest and best show on the radio. It's called Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. It airs in the middle of the night. And theres a reason for that.

This show is every crackpot, alien abducted, ghost hunting, conspiracy thorists' sounding board.

I started listening to this show because the guy who originally trianed me pointed it out. He thought it was hilarious. I agreed. So for about the first 3 months of delivering the paper, I listened to this every night. Each night has an "expert" on whatever topic. They usually have a book to sell, or a website to view. The thing is, for every alien abductee for me to laugh at, there is a JFK thoerist that I might really be intrigued by.

And that's how they got me.

I found myself not laughing as much. I began to think, "Wow, this dude might have a point". Or I would be really intrested in how the government is controlling the weather for its own nefarious reasons. Bigfoot could really exist. The Freemasons and Illuminati really are running the world. Chupacabra really were stealing babies. Mothman was real. That house down the street could really be haunted.

Then I saw it. And it changed my relationship with Coast to Coast.

I saw a ghost.

to be continued.......

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