Thursday, December 4, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night...

No, seriously it was. I was listening to the aforementioned Coast to Coast AM during my route. At this point in my route, I go down a small hill and immediatly back up a larger hill, creating a sort of valley. Then onto a cul-de-sac and back down the larger hill. It was at this point, going down the hill, that a white flash of light flew by the front of my truck.

"What the ...." "Was that a ghost?" "Holy cow, I just saw a ghost!" "Wait a second, I don't believe in ghosts."

So I went on my merry way(after changing the radio station). And did not think too much more about it. Then, the next night the same thing happened, in the same place.

"Holy crap, this neighborhood is haunted." " Theres no such thing as ghosts"

By the third night, I was determined to either talk to this ghost, or find out what was really going on.

Well, he did not want to talk, since he was not real. What I found was that a puddle had formed in the valley of the hills. As I came down the hill, my headlights reflected off the puddle and up onto a tree that hung over the valley.
But the damage was done. I rarely listen to Coast to Coast anymore. Unless its about Chupacabra. I love Chupacabra.
(I would have made this post earlier, but I wanted to get the artwork exactly correct!)


money said...

your artwork is pretty amazing. Is that ghost related to the ones from Pac-man?

What is Chupacabra?

Seth said...

I believe it was Clyde from Pac man, yes.

Dude, you have to google Chupacabra. It's like a flying Gremlin that steals babies out west.